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TACSEI State Work and Resources

Purpose of the TACSEI States

The goal of the State/TACSEI Partnership is to plan, implement and sustain a professional development system to enhance the knowledge and skills of the early childhood work force in meeting the social emotional needs of young children, particularly those with or at risk for delays or disabilities in inclusive and natural environments.

To meet this goal, the specific objective of the state/TACSEI Partnership is to build state capacity to foster professional development of the early care and education workforce that:

  1. enhances knowledge and skills
  2. supports the implementation and sustainability of evidence-based practices
  3. increases the size of the workforce skilled in supporting the social-emotional development of young children (birth–5 years) in inclusive, natural environments

State Information

Audio and Video Presentations

State Resources

State Tools

Many of these tools are also available on the State Planning page on the CSEFEL website.