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Pyramid Model Coaches

This resource page provides tools, materials, and resources for Pyramid Model coaches to use in their work.

Data Decision-Making Tools

These spreadsheets provide coaches, program leaders, and practitioners with data displays that facilitate data decision-making. For more information on how to use these tools, check out the TACSEI Roadmap on Data Decision-Making and Program-Wide Implementation of the Pyramid Model.

  • The Coaching RelationshipEarly Childhood Program-Wide PBS Benchmarks of Quality
    Authors: Lise Fox, Mary Louise Hemmeter, and Susan Jack (2010).
    The Benchmarks of Quality is designed to help programs evaluate their progress toward implementing the Teaching Pyramid Model program-wide. The tool and spreadsheet used for analysis are provided below.

    PDF document    Excel document

  • Teacher-Coach AgreementAdopting the Pyramid Model in Home Visiting: Benchmarks of Quality
    Authors: Lise Fox and Erin Barton (2011).
    The Benchmarks of Quality checklist used by home visiting programs is designed to help programs evaluate their progress toward implementing the Pyramid Model within their early intervention home visiting services. The tool and spreadsheet used for analysis are provided below.

    PDF document      Excel document

  • Coaching Teachers: Activites and SupportsTeaching Pyramid Observation Tool for Preschool Classrooms
    Authors:  Mary Louise Hemmeter, Lise Fox, and Patricia Snyder (2014). Available from Paul H. Brookes Publishing, at
    The Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool™ (TPOT™), Research Edition is used to assess the implementation of the Pyramid Model in classrooms for children who are 2-5 years old. The tool can be purchased from Paul Brookes and a spread sheet is offered for analysis HERE

  • Coaching StrategiesMonthly Program Actions

    An assigned person from the leadership team is asked to report, on a monthly basis, a frequency count of important actions taken in the program in response to serious challenging behavior, including: a) calls to families about problem behaviors, b) dismissal from program, c) transfer within program, d) requests for outside assistance, and e) scheduled family conferences around problem behavior.  The form that can be used to track action and a spread sheet to generate graphs to display your data are provided below.

    PDF document      Excel document

  • Sample Email of Coach FeedbackCoaching Contacts

    Coaching contact data provides a summary of the number and duration of coaching visits that were provided to teachers and a description of the professional development strategies used during coaching contacts. Coaching is used to support teachers in their implementation of Pyramid Practices.  Coaches submit these data monthly for summary.  A coaching log and spread sheet for analyzing data is provided below.

    PDF document      Spread Sheet is coming soon!

The Coach/Teacher Relationship

  • The Coaching RelationshipThe Coaching Relationship
    The coaching relationship is unique! It is the mechanism for delivering support to a teacher for the implementation of Pyramid Model practices.  This handout provides a review on what coaching is and what coaching is not.
    Trouble downloading? Read this document online.
  • Teacher-Coach AgreementSample Teacher-Coach Agreement
    Sample Teacher-Coach Agreement (Editable)
    This sample agreement provides a context for having a discussion about the coaching relationship.
    Trouble downloading? Read this document online.
  • Coaching Teachers: Activites and SupportsCoaching Teachers: Activities and Supports
    This checklist provides activities that are involved in coaching classroom teachers.
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  • Coaching StrategiesCoaching Strategies
    What are the strategies that can be used during your observations and debriefing sessions? This handout provides a list and operational definitions.
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  • Sample Email of Coach FeedbackSample Email of Coach Feedback
    Email feedback is a nice way to remind a teacher about implementation goals, provide feedback on your observation, and summarize next steps.This sample provides you with some ideas for elements to include when providing constructive email feedback.
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Goal Planning

Action Planning

Are you coaching teachers to implement behavior support plans? You will probably want to start with an action plan.

Behavior Support Plan Implementation

Use the forms below in your coaching for behavior support plan implementation.