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Understand Program-Wide Adoption

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Considerations and What's Involved

What are Considerations for Selecting Sites for Program-Wide Adoption? 

  • Willing to serve as an exemplar in the state of high fidelity implementation of the Pyramid Model
  • Must be considered a high quality program by meeting program standards (e.g., NAEYC, DEC, Head Start, QRIS)
  • Will be guided by a leadership team that is invested in the model (e.g., program administrator and selected staff)
  • Must have access to an internal coach whose role is to build the capacity of practitioners in the program
  • Must have access to behavior support for children with persistent challenging behavior through an internal person on their team, mental health consultant, or behavior specialist
  • Willing to change policies, procedures, family engagement, teacher support, and professional development practices for implementation fidelity and sustainability
  • Willing to host other programs and personnel who wish to see/learn more about the Pyramid Model

What is Involved in the Program-Wide Adoption Process?

  • The Leadership team will attend a 2 ½ day training on program‐wide adoption to develop their implementation plan
  • Staff in the program receive training on the Pyramid Model and coaching for implementation within their classrooms
  • A coach receives training on how to support staff as they begin Pyramid Model implementation
  • A behavior specialist receives training on how to guide the individualized, intensive intervention process
  • The majority of staff (80%) agree that they want to be a part of program-wide adoption, although the program might begin their efforts in a few classrooms initially
  • The program collects ongoing data on program implementation and outcomes, coaching implementation and outcomes, and child implementation and outcomes