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Understand Program-Wide Adoption

Program-Wide Adoption of the Pyramid Model

Program-wide adoption of the Pyramid Model refers to a systemic effort within a program for Pyramid Model implementation fidelity. In program-wide adoption, a leadership team guides the implementation process and develops the supports and infrastructure needed to ensure that adoption of the Pyramid Model can occur within the classrooms and services provided to children and their families. The Leadership team, with representation from program administrators and practitioners, is focused on the ongoing process of supporting the implementation of the Pyramid Model and using data-based decision-making to guide implementation efforts and monitor outcomes.

The program-wide adoption model ensures that programs are attending to both the adoption of evidence-based practices and the development of the infrastructure to support the durable implementation of those practices. Programs that have adopted this model have experienced the following:

  • Reductions in child challenging behavior
  • Increases in children’s social skills
  • Increased satisfaction of program staff and families
  • Reduced turnover in the program
  • Increases in teachers competence and confidence in the support of children
  • Changes in classroom and program climate
  • Sustained implementation of the Pyramid Model

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