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Douglas County, Colorado

Douglas CountyDouglas County Preschools are part of the Douglas County Public School District located just south of Denver, Colorado. In 1979 Douglas County began to meet the needs of all three and four-year-old children identified with developmental delays. In 1991 their program was expanded to include typically developing peers in inclusive settings where the learning needs of all children are met in a respectful and positive environment. Currently, Douglas County Preschool classrooms are 2 ½ hours in length and serve 10-12 typically developing students and 4-5 students with developmental delays.

Douglas County Preschool classrooms meet all requirements of ADA and IDEA. Their mission states: “The mission of the Early Childhood Preschool Program is to provide an educational foundation for young children and to develop relationships among families, staff and community for individual student achievement”. These beliefs are reflected in their core values which include:

  • the uniqueness and learning potential of each student; and
  • knowledgeable and prepared staff that promote learning and see parents as a key role in the educational process.

The Pyramid Model at Work

Find out how Douglas County, Colorado is implementing each tier of the Pyramid Model by clicking on the links below.

Pyramid ModelIntensive Intervention

Targeted Social Emotional Supports

High Quality Supportive Environments

Nurturing and Responsive Relationships

Effective Workforce