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High Quality Supportive Environments Gallery

Universal supports for all children through high quality environments.


Photo SlideshowView a slideshow that illustrates how Douglas County is implementing the High Quality Supportive Environments tier of the Pyramid Model.

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Visual Daily Schedule

TACSEI helped organize this team’s visual daily schedule in order to increase child engagement and predictability.

Transition Sequence

This great transition sequence developed by this TACSEI team reduced challenging behaviors and supported students independence.

Importance of Planning Transitions

Planned and systematic transition are so important to reduce challenging behavior and increase engagement. Listen to how this team explains the importance of planning transitions.

Activity Schedule

For many of their planned activities, this team uses an activity schedule to promote independence. Staff and students are able to use the activity sequence to help define the expectations.

Using Visual Supports During Large Group Time

Large group can be difficult at times. This team has found that if they establish expectations through the use of visual supports, they can help children manage their emotions and behaviors at large group.

Classroom Routines Building Confidence in English Language Learners

If your classroom has students who have English as their second language, listen to this team talk about the importance of established classroom routines. Routines help convey expectations, express students' wants and needs, and promote language development that builds confidence in the use of the English language in educational settings.