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Douglas County, Colorado

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Intensive Intervention

Intervention, which is comprised of practices related to individualized intensive interventions.


Photo SlideshowView a slideshow that illustrates how Douglas County is implementing the Intensive Intervention tier of the Pyramid Model.

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A Solid Foundation

By understanding that this process starts at the bottom of the Pyramid Model, this team has implemented many strategies that reduced the need for students to display inappropriate behaviors. Additionally, now with a solid foundation in place, individual strategies such as these are easy to implement.

Communicating with Parents about Behavior Support Plans

Listen to see how this team includes parents when they have a student with a behaviors support plan.

Using Data to Drive Instruction and Guide Intensive Interventions

It is always good to hear a team stress how their use of data drives instruction and guides their intensive interventions. Watch how this team collaboratively plans at a brief before school meeting to facilitate this process.