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TACSEI Demonstration Programs
Douglas County, Colorado

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Nurturing and Responsive Relationships

Universal supports for all children through nurturing and responsive relationships.


Photo SlideshowView a slideshow that illustrates how Douglas County is implementing the Nurturing and Responsive Relationships tier of the Pyramid Model.

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Communication with Families

See how this team prepares for students by communicating with families at home visits and drop off and pick up times.

Implementing Relationship Strategies to Create a Community

In this TACSEI classroom, the relationship strategies they implemented help promote a community feeling that supports all children.

Teaming in the Classroom

Teaming is so important to this TACSEI classroom. Listen to how they check their egos at the door and plan for adult relationship building to focus on the needs of their students.

Using Technology to Communicate with Families

Wow! This team has developed a class web site to facilitate communication with parents. Take a look at their site and listen to a teacher describe what is on it.

Building Relationships Through Play

This is a great example of how this team focused on building relationships by following the students lead to promote play and extend learning.