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Douglas County, Colorado

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Targeted Social Emotional Supports

Prevention, which represents practices that are targeted social emotional strategies to prevent problems.


Photo SlideshowView a slideshow that illustrates how Douglas County is implementing the Targeted Social Emotional Supports tier of the Pyramid Model.

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Calm Down Steps

Check out this TACSEI classroom where the teachers directly teach calm down steps to targeted students and to their typically developing peers, during daily classroom routines.

How to Gain Someone's Attention

The first step for any social interaction in this classroom would be to gain their peers attention. Watch some examples and hear from one of teachers about this skill

Problem-Solving Skills

One skill that is supported in this classroom is Problem Solving. Listen to this teacher’s excitement when she sees students using these valuable skills.

Peer Buddies

Peer Buddies are such a big part of teaching students how to build positive relationships and practice appropriate social interactions with a variety of peers.

Practicing Targeted Social Emotional Skills During Daily Routines

This team gets the importance of targeted social emotional skills. Sensational! Listen to their beliefs about systematically planning, teaching and practicing targeted social and emotional skills as part of the daily routines.

Providing Opportunites to Practice Pro-Social Skills

Creating multiple opportunities for peers to practice pro-social skills throughout the daily activities is so important. Watch just a few social interactions this team has developed throughout their day.

Implementing Emotional Literacy into Direct Teaching Time

Watch how this classroom implements emotional literacy into direct teaching times, and expands on their classroom emotional literacy vocabulary.

Team Commitment to Fostering Social Emotional Skills Results in Success

This team knows that fostering social emotional skills are vital to students' overall academic success. Listen to the excitement in this teacher's voice as she describes the successes from teaching social skills and problem solving.