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Mary Go Round Child Care Centers, Florida

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Intensive Intervention Gallery

Intervention, which is comprised of practices related to individualized intensive interventions.

Sample Documents

  • Mary Go Round Behavior Flowchart: Developing Behavior Support PlansMary Go Round Behavior Flowchart: Developing Behavior Support Plans

    The leadership team developed a flowchart as a way to respond to significant problem behavior.  The center has a written policy for how to respond to crisis situations to keep all children safe, until they can fully implement the procedures in the flowchart. 

    The team begins by reflecting on if the classroom, where a child his having challenging behavior, is using developmentally appropriate classroom strategies.  There is process in place for problem solving that includes supporting the teaching staff, child, and family.  The child’s support team then begins the team assessment-based process, in partnership with the family, for individualized positive behavior support at the tertiary level.

    Step 1: Establish a collaborative team and identify goals
    Step 2: Gather information (functional assessment)
    Step 3: Develop hypotheses (best guess)
    Step 4: Design an individualized behavior support plan
    Step 5: Implement, monitor, evaluate outcomes and refine plan in natural environments

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