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Mesa County, Colorado

Mesa logoMesa County Preschools is part of Grand Junction’s Mesa County Valley School District 51 on the Western Slope of Colorado. Mesa County has 24 preschools and 5 community preschool sites and serves children ages 3-5 years old. They service students with special needs and students at risk for future educational difficulties. Mesa County relies on Federal funding as well as State funding through the Colorado Preschool Program. Mesa County started implementing the Pyramid model in 2008. TACSEI supported their efforts to become a high quality preschool program and meet the needs of all their children. Their Vision is to collaborate with the community, creating opportunities that are developmentally appropriate, meaningful and challenging for all preschool aged students to become successful learners and where their families are involved as partners in their child’s education experience. Social/Emotional Development is the foundation of the program. Mesa County provides a part-day, part-year preschool program.

The Pyramid Model at Work

Find out how Mesa County, Colorado is implementing each tier of the Pyramid Model by clicking on the links below.

Pyramid ModelIntensive Intervention

Targeted Social Emotional Supports

High Quality Supportive Environments

Nurturing and Responsive Relationships

Effective Workforce