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Mesa County, Colorado

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High Quality Supportive Environments Gallery

Universal supports for all children through high quality environments.


Photo SlideshowView a slideshow that illustrates how Mesa County, Colorado is implementing the High Quality Supportive Environments tier of the Pyramid Model.

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Transition Warnings

Here, transitions warnings are done by students through social interaction. This student carries a timer around and asks her peers if they want to hear the 5 minute timers. Each student can say yes and listen or no thank you.

Using Visual Schedules

At the beginning of every large group, the class leader for the day goes through the schedule. Completed activities are removed and put in an all done pocket. Activities that still need to be completed are reviewed. This allows the class to make changes in their schedule and prepare students for those changes.

Social Skills at Snack Time

Snack here is not just a time of the day. It is social from beginning to end. Here a student finishes his snack, takes the snack necklace over to his peer, tells him it is his turn for snack, highlighting appropriate social interactions during classroom routines.