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Mesa County, Colorado

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Targeted Social Emotional Supports Gallery

Prevention, which represents practices that are targeted social emotional strategies to prevent problems.


Photo SlideshowView a slideshow that illustrates how Mesa County, Colorado is implementing the Targeted Social Emotional Supports tier of the Pyramid Model.

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Books Help Students Learn About SE Literacy

This classroom picks books to help students learn about social emotional literacy. Books that give examples of feelings and behaviors that their students can relate to.

Social Interaction at Sign In

This class plans using social interactions throughout the day. Here we see a little girl find her peers. She tells them it is their turn to sign in. Each student will also identify how they feel at time of check in as part of this process.

Using Social Skills During Large Group

During large group, this team assigns jobs to students. This student's job is to collect name tags that were on carpet squares. This allows many opportunities for targeted students to interact appropriately with his or her peers