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Marion County, West Virginia

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Nurturing and Responsive Relationships Gallery

Universal supports for all children through nurturing and responsive relationships.


Photo SlideshowView a slideshow that illustrates how Marion County is implementing the Nurturing and Responsive Relationships tier of the Pyramid Model.

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Celebrating Accomplishments

In this classroom, the teacher recognizes when children make "powerful choices" in her classroom, such as being a good friend or being kind by having the children put a penny in a piggy bank. When the bank is full, they have a "piggy party" to celebrate their accomplishments!

Star Family Song

When a new visitor comes in the classroom, this teacher makes a star for them and the children sing a welcoming song. The children know if the star is on the ceiling, that person is safe to be in the classroom. When they sing the song, they also review the rules -- what it means to be part of the "star family"

Responsive Relationships with Children

This teacher builds relationships with her children through her extended conversations with them during their play. This video is a good example of the many ways she makes connections with them -- "depositing" in their relationship piggy bank.