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TACSEI Resources

Let's Talk! Conversations with TACSEI Specialists

  • Ted BoveyStrategies for Successfully Including Children with Autism in Early Childhood Settings
    A Conversation with Ted Bovey
    As the number of young children diagnosed with autism continues to rise, early childhood programs are frequently faced with the challenge of including these children in their settings and supporting their significant social, language, and behavioral needs. In this interview, Ted Bovey discusses a proven framework for including young children with autism in traditional early childhood settings. Information regarding key programming components, classroom strategies, teaching strategies and individualized supports is discussed. (April, 2009)
    Listen to the Conversation with Ted (Running time 15:06)
    Read the Conversation with Ted
  • Karen BlaseReady, Set, Whoa: Planning Tools for Implementation
    A Conversation with Karen Blase
    Deciding to implement an evidence-based set of practices or an evidence-based program requires planning, community and family engagement, and attention to implementation and sustainability strategies. In this discussion, Karen Blase assists agencies in understanding the importance of the “exploration and installation” stages of implementation.(March, 2009)
    Listen to the Conversation with Karen (Running time 20:20)
    Read the Conversation with Karen
  • Kathleen BaggettAssessing and Guiding Parent-Child Interaction in Early Intervention
    A Conversation with Kathleen Baggett
    Parent-child interaction is a critical ingredient in promoting children’s early social-emotional development. In this interview, Kathleen Baggett talks about the Indicator of Parent-Child Interactions (IPCI), a tool that practitioners can use to assess when their interventions are effective in helping parents support their children’s development.(March, 2009)
    Listen to the Conversation with Kathleen (Running time 16:36)
    Read the Conversation with Kathleen