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TACSEI Resources


These podcasts have been created by the TACSEI Center and are available to download to your portable listening device. Podcasts that are available with an audio and visual format are noted accordingly.

  • Implementing and Sustaining Effective Programs and Services that Promote Good Social, Emotional & Behavioral Outcomes for Young Children with Special Needs: Part 1 of 2
    Karen Blase, Barbara Smith and Roxane Kaufmann
    This TACSEI webinar is the first of two related webinars focused on state and program level implementation and sustainability of evidence-based practices. The TACSEI mission and the Pyramid Model are briefly reviewed. The primary focus is on how to develop the right infrastructure for implementing evidence-based practices to fidelity and sustaining an effective approach over time. (January, 2009)
  • Using a Response to Intervention (RTI) Framework to Promote Young Children's Social Development: The Teaching Pyramid Model
    Phil Strain, Lise Fox and Judith Carta
    Response to Intervention Models are being adopted by states to provide a continuum of evidence-based tiered interventions to improve the academic and behavioral outcomes for all students. The RtI problem solving framework offers a promising approach for meeting the needs of all young children within inclusive environments. The discussion includes an overview of the RtI framework, the use of screening and ongoing assessment with the model, implementation of the Pyramid Model as RtI to address social development and behavior, and a discussion of the benefits and challenges associated with the implementation of RtI in early childhood programs. (February, 2009)