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The Process of Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

Step One: Building a Behavior Support Team

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PBS begins by developing a team of the key stakeholders or individuals who are most involved in the child’s life. This team should include the family and early educator, but also may include friends, other family members, therapists, and other instructional or administrative personnel. Team members collaborate in multiple ways in order to develop, implement, and monitor a child’s support plan.

When developing a behavior support team one must ask the four following questions:

  • Who are the key stakeholders and individuals in this child’s life?
  • Why is collaborative teaming a key element of PBS for this child?
  • What do we need to do to make this a successful collaborative experience that will benefit the child and family?
  • How are we going to promote the active participation of the family and all team members in the behavior support planning process?

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