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The Process of Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

Step One: Building a Behavior Support Team

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WHY is collaborative teaming a key element of PBS for this child?

Collaborative teaming is based on the idea that all team members have contributions to the development, implementation, and monitoring of a behavior support plan. When the family is a part of the process from the beginning, and are encouraged to participate in the PBS process from functional assessment to plan implementation, they are more likely to "buy in" to the support plan and implement the plan with fidelity. In addition, the parents will learn to view behavior as purposeful and may be able to develop support strategies as their child moves to new settings or situations. Because collaborative teaming is a key element in PBS, the family builds a large foundation of knowledge about why their child uses problem behavior and a better understanding of how to teach their child new skills to use in place of problem behavior. The family is better able to use problem-solving skills in the future to support their child. Collaboration is a gift of family empowerment.

Strategies for Teaming with Families in the Process of PBS

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