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The Process of Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

Step Two: Person-Centered Planning

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One of the key features of positive behavior support for young children with problem behavior and their families is a commitment to a collaborative team approach. This is especially important for children whose problem behavior occurs in multiple settings such as the home, preschool, therapy visits, etc. Person-centered planning provides a process for bringing the team together to discuss their vision and dreams for the child. Person-centered planning is a strength-based process that is a celebration of the child and mechanism of establishing the commitment of the team members to supporting the child and family.

In general, person centered planning processes use graphic recordings (usually words, pictures, and symbols on chart paper) and group facilitation techniques to guide the team through the process. For example, the facilitator is responsible for setting the agenda, assessing equal opportunities for all to participate, handling conflict when necessary, and maintaining the group’s focus. The following well-known person centered planning processes share underlying values and similarities but may differ in their application.

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