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The Process of Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

Step Two: Person-Centered Planning

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Detailed Instructions for Personal Futures Planning

The Next Meeting

Families are encouraged to schedule a second planning meeting as the focused intervention phase of the project concludes and a transition to a new program (e.g. Part B, preschool, etc.) is anticipated. The format of this meeting is flexible and should be determined by the family, contingent upon their needs and accomplishments at a given time. The family should be guided to consider what new people might be invited into the child's circle of support. If the new intervention team has been identified, it may be fruitful to invite them to participate in the meeting. Often the family will choose to use Maps to structure the meeting, but will also integrate additional components of celebration and creating connections. The family is encouraged to take charge of the meeting, but may need assistance in the planning and facilitation. Families have reported that this has been an energizing planning meeting as they transition out of the focused intervention phase of the project. One mother reported that it was empowering to bring so many people together who were committed to the well being of her child. Particularly, she realized that these people were invested, not just from an early intervention perspective, but for the whole child. Many of the project families reflect back to the initial meeting and are encouraged by the gains their child has made toward realizing the vision, and feel enthusiastic and confident about their ability to support their child.

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