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The Process of Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

Step Two: Person-Centered Planning

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Detailed Instructions for Personal Futures Planning

Things to Remember for PFP meetings

  • Use painters’ masking tape and double up paper if marking on walls is an issue.
  • State the amount of time allocated for the meeting at the beginning and keep people focused.
  • Be flexible about using different maps.
  • Verify color use if a statement is ambiguous.
  • Keep the atmosphere informal, positive, and capacity focused.
  • Remain calm and enthusiastic throughout the meeting.
  • When possible, have a facilitator and recorder work as a team.
  • If you do it all (facilitate, record, and time keep), don’t talk while you draw.
  • Deflect issues back to the group.

ArrowNow that you have completed Step Two, let's proceed to
Step Three: Functional Behavioral Assessment.

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