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The Process of Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

Step Two: Person-Centered Planning

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Detailed Instructions for Personal Futures Planning

Maps and Materials

The materials necessary for the personal futures plan process include: chart paper, markers (red, blue, green, purple) and masking tape. The maps are a visual reminder that the meeting is informal and creative; they are also a visual means for guiding the group as they begin to explore possibilities and capacities of the focus child. The markers provide color-coding for all the experiences and descriptions shared during the meeting. Red is for things perceived as negative; for example, a run in with a rude school administrator. Blue is for neutral concepts (i.e., factual information about the child or situation). Green is for things that are positive and purple is to add emphasis. Another important element of the creative process is art. Pictorial representations are drawn to illustrate the story of the focus child’s life. Whenever possible, pictures should be drawn to symbolize people, events, emotions, and actions. The facilitator or artist may determine ahead of time how they will illustrate common elements such as people, buildings, etc. The families keep the original maps and a photographed copy can be kept on record (with family permission).

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