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Webinar Recording and Materials

Implementing and Sustaining Effective Programs and Services that Promote Good Social, Emotional & Behavioral Outcomes for Young Children with Special Needs:
Part 2 of 2

Roxane Kaufmann, Karen Blase, Barbara Smith, Rosemarie Allen, Patricia Wilson, and Valerie Von Behren

Successfully implementing the Pyramid Model or any evidence-based initiative is challenging.  And it is even more challenging to sustain that success over time and in the context of staff turnover and changing organizational, social, and political environments.  

This TACSEI webinar is the second of two related webinars focused on state and program level implementation and sustainability of evidence-based practices. The TACSEI mission and the Pyramid Model are briefly reviewed. Issues and recommendations for implementation and sustainability are covered including financing, infrastructure, and policies. Lessons learned from working within states are also covered, specifically, experiences and recommendations from two states working to sustain the Pyramid Model (May, 2009)

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